• Clean hood System: A Key to Food Safety in Boca Raton

  • With splatters everywhere and continuous work in the kitchen, the build up of grease and dirt in the kitchen’s hood system cannot be avoided. This becomes a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. In a food safety perspective, the hood is like the lungs of the kitchen and must be thoroughly cleaned and maintained.

    A Dirty Greasy Kitchen Hood Poses a Fire Risk

    Grease is flammable and a build-up of grease poses a serious fire hazard. This can be easily avoided by scheduling regular cleaning schedules with a kitchen hood cleaning service provider like Five Star.

    Cleaning the Ducts with the Right Equipment

    It is important to clean the ducts with the appropriate equipment. Grease can accumulate in areas that are very hard to reach. A specialist with special equipment is needed to check and clean every nook and cranny of the ducts. Using the right methods and techniques minimizes unwanted damage to the ducts while cleaning, making the entire system usable for longer.

    Avoid Any Liability

    Cleaning your kitchen’s hood system ensures that it does not cause any serious hazard that can put your restaurant staff and clientele to risk. Owning a restaurant also includes assuming the liability for everyone in your premises. cleaning the kitchen hood maintains you are abiding by the fire safety regulations. Maintaining the safety standards in your professional kitchen will make your restaurant a safe place to eat and relax.