• Easter, Summer: Benefits of hood cleaning

  • Now that restaurants and most businesses have since reopened, this summer is the time to up your sanitary and cleaning practices since germs and viruses are still out there.

    Patrons and new customers gained new consciousness on food handling and preparation and want to make sure that the hands of everyone who handles their food are clean but so is the kitchen they are coming out of especially this Easter. 

    Having your hood cleaned by our experts and professionals not only save you the trouble of doing it yourself, but it also does wonders for your kitchen. It increases airflow in the kitchen, reduces the risk of kitchen fires, and reduces grease-related accidents. Of course, it’s a given that it largely contributes to the kitchen’s overall hygiene, but it also keeps you at Johnny Law’s good side! 

    All these benefits and more Easter eggs when you contact Five Star Hood & Details today!