• How Canal Point achieve Food Safety with Clean Hoods and Kitchens

  • Food Safety Depends on Cleanliness

    In a busy commercial kitchen, it is amazing how easy it is for dirt and grease to build up with daily operations. These become breeding grounds for microbes that can cause foodborne illnesses, which you do not want to serve your clients. It is advised that the kitchen staff clean every nook and cranny of a kitchen everyday. This ritual is can be very difficult to maintain and puts added pressure to the staff, not to mention how it can be costly.

    Clean Hoods and Exhaust

    An overlooked factor in kitchen cleanliness are the hoods and exhausts. The circulation of air within the kitchen primarily depends on their efficiency. These are the lungs of the kitchens and it only makes sense that they should be kept clean and sanitary. Even the most dedicated and nimble kitchen staff cannot reach these areas. It is best to leave these to trained professional commercial kitchen cleaners like Five Star Hood.

    Advantages of Getting a Professional Commercial Kitchen Cleaner

    1. Levels up your Kitchen cleanliness
      • Professional Commercial Kitchen Cleaners have the necessary tools and skills to clean your kitchen from hood, exhaust, to your countertop. They are trained to handle several problems that may arise when unearthing the dirty parts of the kitchen and will be able to pinpoint how to approach the cleaning problem efficiently.
    2. Keeps Customers and Employees safe
      • Commercial cleaning services will protect your employees and customers from food borne illnesses caused by microbes in the kitchen. They can also protect your employees or customers from accidents. The spaces an amateur cleaner is likely to overlook can lead to trips and falls, that would cost you worker productivity and absence from work.
    3. It makes a good impression on the Customers
      • When customers get inside a clean kitchen and dining premises, they are likely to have a pleasant impression on the food as well. Clean tables, curtains, utensils, and surfaces give a professional air that your customers are sure to notice.
    4. Improved Employee Morale and Productivity
      • Studies have shown that employees have improved productivity and greater job satisfaction when they work in clean environments. Clean workspaces also report higher rate of community culture which can contribute to reduced workforce turnover, and improving the productivity of the business as a whole. 
    5. It saves Cost
      • Hiring someone else to clean the kitchen when you can assign this task to your kitchen staff might be a costly decision. However, when you compare the time you would have spent cleaning your kitchen against the profit and efficiency you would have made doing more productive things. Outsourcing the cleaning tasks save you more money and reduces a lot of stress for you and your employees.