• How We Maintain Exhaust System For Your Safety

  • Whether you’re in a residential or commercial setting, a place with a consistent functioning kitchen requires a lot of effort and responsibility. For restaurant owners, keeping their kitchen exhaust system clean is the best way to prevent fires and other possible dangers.

    Honestly, it is time consuming and require tons of effort. That’s why a professional service like “Five Star Hood Cleaning” is very necessary to keep up with the needs of maintaining such equipment not only for your employees and customer’s safety but also keep up with that law’s requirements.

    Online you can find several DIY tips on how to do the cleaning but only a trained and experienced kitchen exhaust technicians will be able to identify problems, clean hazardous build ups and prevent further damage.


    1. Inspection is a MUST

    Inspection is necessary prior to cleaning to see if there is anything that needs to be addressed and be aware of such as probable replacements or repairs.

    2. Prepping

    Exhaust systems vary from places to places so your trusted technician will make sure to bring in all the equipment and prepare your place to make sure that the cleaning process go smoothly.

    3. Shutting Off All Stove and Appliance Pilot Lights and Gas Valves

    For safety! We make sure to have all lights, stoves and gas valves turned off. Cleaning exhaust systems involves hot water and some flammable cleaning chemicals to reduce fire risks.

    4. Grease removal, formal cleaning and polishing

    From top to bottom, your exhaust system will be cleaned using grease cleaning formulas, plastic protecting, filter checking and polishing.

    5. Post- Cleaning Inspection

    Our steps go deeper than what is expected from us for we only want to provide the best service to our customers. No matter how much you want to do the cleaning yourself or even if it seems costly to some, remember that it is always better to have the professionals do the work.