• Kitchen Floors, the Overlooked Part of the Kitchen

  • Out of all the surfaces in an eating establishment, one of the most vulnerable to dirt and grease buildup is the kitchen floor, which ironically tends to get less attention than cooking counters. When it comes to kitchen floor cleaning, the task is sometimes perceived as arbitrary, and thus little attention is actually given to the steps required for a shiny, non-slippery, grease-free kitchen floor.

    The Benefits and Importance of Clean Kitchen Floor

    1. Good Impression – One of the first things people notice when they enter a business is the floors.
    2. Safety – Clean floors not only look good but, improves the safety of anyone who enters the business.
    3. Enhancing Work Environment – People enjoy going to work in a clean workplace.
    4. Fresh & Healthier Environment – The traffic density in many businesses creates a haven for germs, especially hospitals, and can lead to a spread of illnesses and diseases.