• Restaurant Cleaning? Why you should be on top of it!

  • Many restaurant owners like to believe they are on top of the cleanliness of their restaurant. Kitchen restaurant pressure cleaning is imperative, particularly in a day and age when someone can post a review and picture of your dirty restaurant before you realize what hit you, you had better guarantee you are all about having a spotless restaurant.

    We put together a few tips below to help you maintain good restaurant cleanliness:

    1. Train Staff

    Your staff is a reflection of your restaurant. First it’s important they come to work shaved and showered. Would you want to be served food by someone who looks like they don’t have proper hygiene? Every second that a dirty kitchen item is sitting out, is every second that bacteria is spreading.

    2. Start with the Kitchen

    Even though most customers don’t see your kitchen, it’s the number one place where most restaurants fail for cleanliness. Food safety is the biggest factor in keeping up to code in the kitchen. It’s important you have effective food storage and you keep your raw food separate from your cooked food. In addition to having superior food storage, you should always be inspecting your surfaces and floors in your kitchen. Before you close and open your restaurant, you should be scrubbing, mopping, and sweeping both the kitchen countertops and floors as a minimum.

    3. Develop a Checklist

    This will help your employees keep track of their specific areas properly. Ensure that your checklists are easily viewable. It’s not enough to post the restroom cleaning on the back of the bathroom door. If you need to, create daily checklists that your staff uses , and that they must turn into you for review.

    4. Create a Schedule

    When creating a cleaning schedule for your restaurant, it’s important to consider several factors. You should look at different time frames in your day-to-day activities at your restaurant. When are your peak customer times? When do employees’ shifts start and end? Where are the biggest contamination areas for customers and staff? Customer facing items should always be a routine on the checklist. For example, condiment bottles, reusable menus, seating, and guest restrooms should be consistently cleaned. It’s important that your employees always have access to this checklist, and that they are always reminded of how important it is.

    5. See Everything Through Your Customers Eyes

    We are all human, and it’s very easy to miss something if you are looking at things one sided. Just like cleaning your home for a guest, you should picture your restaurant in the eyes of the customer. What do you see when you walk into the restaurant? Are things cluttered? Do things look dusty? Are the floors clean? How does the host look? The first impression is crucial for a guest, or they could just walk out before even being seated.

    6. Use Effective Cleaning Materials

    Using cleaning materials in your kitchen and restaurant is not enough for having a clean place of business. They need to be effective and you shouldn’t just use one. You need many products to keep things thoroughly clean. For example, if you have stainless steel equipment you will need to purchase a cleaner just for the outside of those appliances.

    There is no shortage of areas to clean in a restaurant – in addition to the cleaning tasks mentioned above; ducts, signage, dumpster areas and the parking lot all need consistent cleaning. Such an array of surfaces that need to be cleaned frequently demands a cleaning solution that is easy to use, flexible and affordable. This is why a general pressure washing service is a necessity as well for those in the restaurant business.