• How to Keep your Customers in Palm Beach?- Cleanliness and Safety Must Be Maintained In Your Facilities!

  • Palm Beach is known for its legendary resorts, exquisite mansions and landmarks. This entails a lot of people coming over for vacation, business and just to relax and enjoy the good food it showcases. That’s why resorts, stay-in places and restaurants ensure cleanliness and safety in their establishments to have more customers coming back and forth to enjoy their services.

    According to a  Harris Poll shows that restaurants will lose customers due to unclean conditions. The survey also shows diners will not return to a restaurant if there are even partial cleanliness issues. This is also true for resorts, stay-in places and other establishments. If there are any unclean conditions, this entails an unsafe environment to customers which would lead them not coming back and we don’t want that to happen!

    Maintaining cleanliness, safety and accident free facilities is important. This can be a complicated and tedious task since there are a lot of areas to clean and maintain.  But we must ensure this and be reminded that overall guest experience and the health of employees contributes to how well these facilities perform.

    To ensure cleanliness and safety, here are the 7 ways based from Enhancity Works:

    1. Develop a comprehensive cleaning schedule

    2. Identify high-traffic and high-touches areas
    3. Prohibit food in certain areas

    4. Stock up on PPE Supplies and Cleaning Supplies

    5. Routine inspections of workspaces and common areas

    6. Disinfection

    7. Hire a professional commercial cleaning services

    Source: https://enhancityworks.com/7-tips-for-keeping-the-workplace-clean-and-safe/

    Now that you know how to maintain the cleanliness and safety in your facilities, you’re ready to go on with your business without worrying about losing your customers!