• Sanitizing Commercial Kitchen Services

  • In restaurants and commercial kitchens in general, sanitizers and disinfectants are used to prevent foodborne illnesses, kill germs, bacteria and viruses. At Five Star Hood and Detail Inc, we specialize in reducing micororganisms from within the kitchen area to safe levels. Germs and Bacteria can live in the grease collected throughout various kitchen equipment and surfaces area. We use EPA approved cleaning products together with steam cleaning to promote a healthy cooking environment. Steam cleaning kills 99.9 % of viruses, germs and bacteria. 

    Cleaning of kitchen surfaces is a vital aspect of the overall health and welfare of the people in commercial establishments. We provide after hour services for cleaning, disinfecting, sanitizing and steam cleaning kitchen hoods, appliances and equipment in an effort to minimize the spread of germs.

    We steam clean and sanitize :- fryers, burners, flat tops and cook tops, grills, refrigeration units with cook tops, kitchen floors, walls and ceiling areas and many many other surfaces.