• Importance on Maintaining Kitchen Equipment

  • From this, you could see how important it is to keep your equipment clean all the time. That’s why we, in FiveStar Hood & Detail Inc.has a great team of skilled workers that can take care of all your restaurant equipment cleaning needs. We have the tools and more than 15 years of experience in restaurant equipment cleaning.

    In any restaurant or commercial kitchen, it is so much of a hassle to maintain the cleanliness of its equipment. No wonder lots of restaurants or commercial kitchen hire third-party companies to do it for them.

    According to the Food Code, you should be cleaning your kitchen equipment at least once every 24 hours. That means 24 hours of cleaning your surface, ovens, ranges and ventilation, mixers, slicers, freezers and refrigerators, deep fryers, grills, and etc. But you can’t say no to this one because It is said that flavors blend with the air; and food that smells great, creates an immense appetite. Which means cleanliness is a must in every kitchen!

    From the Article: 6 Reasons to Maintain Commercial Kitchen Equipment by StateFoodSafety Resources, here’s the six benefits you can enjoy by keeping your equipment clean and in good repair.

    1. Reduced utility costs

    Any piece of equipment that uses electricity, gas, or water will run much more efficiently if it is kept clean and is serviced regularly. Machinery that is properly cleaned and maintained will inevitably lower your utility costs, as clean and efficient equipment requires less electricity to accomplish its purpose.

    2. Fewer major failures

    Unanticipated equipment breakdowns can close your business down in an instant, which will result in lost revenue and unhappy customers. To prevent major malfunctions, all equipment should be inspected and serviced routinely by a reliable and certified commercial appliance repair company.

    It is also a good idea to carry extended warranties on appliances in case they need to be repaired or replaced quickly. It goes without being said that you should budget for any failures that occur out of warranty.

    Routine cleaning, testing, and servicing can help prevent catastrophic and unexpected failures — failures that could have catastrophic effects on your organization or even force you to shut down temporarily.

    3. Consistently good food quality and service

    If your kitchen equipment is not functioning properly or is not clean, the quality and taste of the food is sure to be compromised. This could ultimately result in the loss of your customer base to your competition. There is nothing worse than serving food that all tastes the same because of dirty equipment, including cookware.

    Appliances that are clean and running at maximum efficiency will also ensure that the meals the kitchen puts out will be consistently good and will get to the table quickly. Good food and speedy service could lead to more customers and increased income potential.

    On the flip side, no one pays good money for food that is prepared with second-rate equipment, and if you use underperforming appliances, your customers are bound to notice the decline in food quality.

    4. Longer life expectancy for equipment

    It is well known throughout the industry that commercial kitchen equipment is costly to replace. You could spend several thousand dollars on just a single appliance that has broken or has simply worn out because of lack of care and following the proper guidelines to keep it clean and efficient.

    By taking good care of your appliances, you can significantly extend their lifespan. Just like a car, the machinery needs to be cleaned, oiled, and serviced on a regular basis to ensure a long and useful life.

    Go above and beyond to get the most out of your equipment for as long as possible – it’s well worth it in the long run!

    5. Increased resale value

    The hospitality industry often buys and sells used machines when upgrading or moving a business to a new location. There is a fairly big market for used equipment and plumbing fixtures that are clean and in good working condition. Start-up restaurants will often seek out good deals on well-maintained equipment to help with the initial costs associated with opening a new establishment.

    You may also be able to catch a tax break by donating properly maintained machinery to a nonprofit organization or school in need of kitchen equipment.

    Regardless, maintaining your equipment preserves not only its life expectancy, but also its physical value.

    6. Safer work environment

    Keeping your employees safe at work should be one of your highest priorities, if not the very highest. This is not limited to hygienic food storage and preparation practices. Your equipment, large and small, must be operating properly and up to the codes and standards of the local health and fire departments.

    Keeping cooking appliances free of food, grease, and debris will help prevent dangerous flare-ups of hot flames that could injure your cooks.

    Also, assuming you have a kitchen fire suppression system, you need to keep the system functioning to protect your employees and your building if a stove catches fire. Smoke and heat detectors, sprinkler systems, and fire extinguishers also need to be routinely inspected, tested, and maintained or replaced.

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