• Why you should keep your kitchen squeaky clean

  • The restaurant industry is a tough one, to be the best you have to have the highest level of attention to detail and that includes keeping your kitchen spotless.

    For a busy restaurant, your crew would be working tremendously all day and would be exhausted after the service of days work. However, it is very crucial that the restaurant needs to be squeaky clean for a fresh start for tomorrow’s challenge.

    So here’s what you get for keeping your kitchen pristine:

    1.   Great appeal for consumers to dine in a hygienic restaurant – The customers are the reason why you are in the business, and that is the reason why they chose to dine in your restaurant because they know that they are safe and it is clean from horrendous food borne diseases.

    2.   Better dining experience – put yourself in your consumers shoes, if you’re dining in a restaurant for the first time, you’ll be very observant about your surroundings, the food they serve you and how the staff treats you. If what you’ve experienced was over the top service, clean and safe surroundings with a delectable meal, wouldn’t you be a returning customer? And that is what we would like to achieve, that every customer that walks through your restaurant door would have that exact same experience and would be craving to return for more.

    3.   Improves Working Conditions for Staff – A restaurant deep clean helps to provide a healthier working environment for members of staff and enables them to manage food hygiene more efficiently.

    4.   Increased Hygiene – A deep clean can prevent cross-contamination and spreading of bacteria. This means that deep cleaning your kitchen will increase the level of hygiene throughout your commercial catering environment and as a result could reduce the number of customer complaints that your business receives.